Comparing Sculptures of Ancient India and Greece

There are some differences between the sculptures of India and Greece as well as similarities. The name of India first appears in Greek literature in the 5th century BC during the first Indian empire, that of the Maurya dynasty. The word India is derived from the Indus River and in the Greek, India is only meant for the Indus region, which is belong to Persian Empire. According to Gappossy (2009), the culture of India is the most richest and ancient in the world. The art of sculpture is the most cherished medium of the artists. Paintings in India comprise of the religious deities and kings and this painting is belonging to the paintings of Greece. Sculptures in India are started from the Indus valley civilization. There is some similarity and…
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The Studio by Winslow Homer

The Studio, by Winslow Homer, shows the painting of a cellist and a violinist who are practicing in a studio using easels as music stands (Winslow Homer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art).  The artist who did the painting was Winslow Homer and lived in Boston, America between 1836 and 1910. The piece was done in 1867, measures 45.7 by 38.1 cm, and is in the class of paintings. It is painted in oil on canvas medium; its accession number is 39.14 and is on view at the Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 764, Metropolitan Museum (Winslow Homer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art). Other items in the painting include two musicians, and two chairs, musical scripts, and stands. The main issue to b researched is the artistic culture of…
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Work of Art or Not? Nine Tips to Recognize and Understand the Piece of Art

   Have you ever come across a piece of art, did you understand the meaning behind it? Did you get the message it conveyed? Did you feel utmost uncertainty?  Do not be surprised you will not be the first person to experience such a feeling. Art is all not easy, but you cannot get it wrong if you learn how to recognize and understand the piece of art. A friend once told me that art is not such a hard thing to understand. I was not sure he was right until he categorized the way we look at art. That we need to understand the artist's intention by: Looking at the content Looking at it formally He stressed that art could be looked at by form or content. Looking at…
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