Jeff Koons: The Unknown Side of the Artist’s Private Life


Jeff Koons is one of the most famous artists of this century. Many people have related him to legendary Warhol. Koons’ works have gotten both good and bad support over the years. Somehow, his success has hugely superseded his failures in the world of art. No one can resist that Jeff has made a name for himself and that his brand is all-lucrative.  To his name are over a hundred employees, many awards and millions made from art sold at the best of art auctions. From nowhere, Jeff Koons has changed the way the world views art and has turned it into one of the most lucrative businesses in the US.

Jeff Koons just like everyone has had his fair share of life. He is not all-art, he has had experiences in his life, and this is to allow you to know more about him. Below are some of the things you need to know about Jeff Koons:

Married to a former employee

Jeff Koons is married to a South African artist, Justine Wheeler. They both have four kids. Wheeler was once an employee at Jeff Koons’ workshop, a member of Koons’ art assistants. Can be said they see things in the same way, the art way.

Jeff Koons was once a broker of the Wall Street

Jeff Koons has worked in Wall Street as a commodities broker. There is no any connection between art and stocks, but it can be assumed that Jeff could have sought for balance and need to survive. Wall Street was just a way of becoming financially stable. The proceeds of this job could have financed Jeff’s first artworks and made him stable in the market.

He does not work on his own

Over time people might have thought that Jeff Koons does most of the art sold in auctions by himself. However, he clears the sky by saying he owns an art franchise. Jeff Koons company encapsulates about 100 art assistants spread across the cities of Chelsea and New York who contributed to his “work.” The employees under his budget help produce multiple designs, and they share the credit of his works, names, and rewards.

The use of popular consumer items

Many artist that have made it in the world of art have ended up using the most expensive items to come up with any piece. Many could expect that Jeff Koons does the same and has a considerable budget for items used in his works but to most people’s surprise, Koon’s goes with what is already in the market for consumers. He uses commonly used items such as aquariums and appliances. He quotes that he raises the objects to the level of art.

Jeff once married an Italian porn star

In his life as an artist, Jeff Koons has been able to come up with quite provocative works. They were all motivated by his connection and marriage to Italian porn star Ilona Staller Anna. They both work on the art, which made a name for both of them.

Love for toys

Jeff Koons is not only a good artist. He has a penchant for toys. A keen eye can tell that Koons has a passion for toys and that most of his works and collectibles are toy motivated in some ways. He is also known for lots of childhood iconography. His appeal goes beyond adults; his child audience is undoubtedly huge.

Koons owns an art-fashion business

Apart from the works of art most people have known him for, Koons in partnership with a colleague owns an art-fashion business. The company was established in 2014. Very common about the opening of the business is a limited edition of leather the first product of sale on inception.

Three years production time

People have easily been able to connect to Jeff’s work. It is astonishing to know how much time is put on the simplicity of his products. For instance, a sculpture by Jeff Koons takes about three years to be completed. Such dedication is incomparable.

Despite being reputable, there is a lot of people do not know about Jeff Koons. This article has just touched on a few. The list goes on and on about the unknown side of Jeff Koon’s private life.

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