Art’s Long. Life Has No Sense Without Expressing Creativity

People know art, love art and most of them cannot do without art. Art is immensely one of the things people cannot live without acknowledging. Am not pushing it down anyone’s throat but being able to appreciate art is all therapeutic. It is one of the things that comes with a lot man cannot do without. Without art and creativity, life makes no sense. Art is just here to stay, and it will keep growing even the dynamic nature of man’s life. 

The development of the brain depends on art

Often people go to school and study science or math and even do not bother them with writing essays on art. Here one learns concepts; the case is different for art. For one to grasp concepts of Math and science, art could come in handy. With art, the brain of man achieves concentration, attention, eye-coordination, good-thinking. The introduction of art in curricula has helped with that making it something very significant in the life of students today.

The use of senses

Creativity is the precursor for art. Without imagination, there is no art. On the reverse through art, we learn how to create things. We can think about things in a variety of ways. Art helps us connect to the experiences of life; we can sense existence through a multiple of ways. Innovation depends on creativity. Today we are talking about newness in everything. Technology is all design, and the philosophy in the art can do such magic. Thinking from art’s perspective can do wonders. The existence of art will grow with technology, and the presence of technology will improve with art. Such will make art alive before and after us.

Art and people

Art is another social spectrum. Over the years artists have been born, some have died, and others have been born. Today we have groups of artist, networks, which go beyond the local area. There is posterity already formed; it has become self-perpetuating as those good at it educating each other. Such is a synergy in creativity that has been transferred over to generations, that whatever we see is a combination of many people and there is an entirely new set of art that is coming into existence as the curve population grows and reduces simultaneously.

Appreciation of much that exists

It is through art that people have been able to appreciate other things. Through art, people can express themselves. We do not speak or write to communicate. Images and ideas in our minds can move to paper and help pass the message. For example, to date we still visit museums, we have been able to appreciate the past through art, drawings on caves, carvings and paintings are all an appreciation of the history. Knowledge keeps developing, and art is a way such can be appreciated in future, art can make this possible.

Art and love between people

A study done a few years ago shows that there was a change in the rate of blood flow. The same reaction was seen between loved ones when they look at each other. The population of research was mostly done in random and such was the fact that there is a significant relationship between art and the feeling of love. It is evident that one express love through art. We thrive on life, and its existence cannot be separated from art.  

Art and expression

Life is all communication; we use signs, symbols, words, letters, numbers such arrangements are similarly a work of art. We cannot live without expressing ourselves, and that is all thanks to art, the very reason why even after us, art will still prevail.

Art in self-development

Life is bound to be good when we are motivated. In art, there is no wrong and right answers. Through art, we can get answers to most of the things in life that are challenging. Art enables us to keep an open mind, and such is what life requires. A sense of motivation and a change to always erase something when it is wrong or still leave it that way and see what the viewer makes of it. 

As the life of man keeps moving art keeps evolving. Art is all-permanent in its existence, and it has found its way in the crevices of man’s life. The above demonstrations are the proof its perpetuity alongside man’s life.

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