How Much Do Freelance Writers Make in 2022? (Including Per Word, Per Project Rates)

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In Most Countries, Freelancers Earn More Than Average Workers

Today, more professionals are choosing the flexibility and independence of freelance work over a traditional 9-to-5 office setup. According to a long-running study by MBO Partners, 51 million people in the U.S. worked independently in 2021, a 34% increase over 2020. And the trend is likely to continue.

While a freelance arrangement might lack the financial security of full- or part-time employment, freelance workers don’t have to earn less than their traditionally employed counterparts. In fact, according to Upwork’s data on freelancers, 44% of freelancers made more money than they did when employed at a traditional job. Additionally, the 2022 Payoneer global freelancer income report revealed a significant increase in the global hourly freelancing rate from $21 in 2020 to $28 in 2022.

Did you know?: Rates for freelancers vary widely by industry, country and the freelancer’s experience. Here are nine more things every freelancer should know.

How much do freelance writers charge?

Understanding how much freelance writers charge for each job is key to knowing their annual salary. Pricing varies widely from one freelance writer to another and can depend on a host of factors from how long the project takes to a freelancer’s cost of living.

Because writing is such a dynamic job that combines hard-to-quantify skills like research, creativity, and experience, it can be hard to find an effective pricing method. Most freelancers use one of the following:

How much do freelance writers charge per project?

From our research, freelance writers charge anything from $50-$1500 per long-form article. For longer content like ebooks and case studies, costs typically average around $2000. Freelance writers Priscilla Tan and Ashley Cummings both report charging at least $2000 for ebooks and case studies.

how much do freelance writers make - per project Twitter poll

For copywriters, it’s a bit different. Copywriters write website copy — sometimes all of the copy (i.e. the static text on About Us pages, sales pages, etc.) on website pages. Since this is often a huge project, they tend to charge more per project.

British freelance copywriter Natalia’s packages start at €1100. She’s a copywriter for “creative entrepreneurs and busy bloggers.” In contrast, veteran copywriter Kayla Hollatz has a starting rate of $5000 and also works with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. Most other copywriters fall somewhere in between.

How much do freelance writers charge per word?

Many terribly low freelance rates are due to writing for content mills or taking any jobs available on freelance job boards like Upwork and Fiverr. Additionally, in their first year of freelancing the average freelance writer is likely to charge less since they don’t know the industry very well.

how much do freelance writers make - word count Twitter poll

Jessica Clark, a freelance writer and blogger for 10 years, says she currently charges

Factors that affect how much freelance writers earn

1. Industry

This is one of the top reasons why freelance writing income varies wildly. Some industries like technology, eCommerce, software as a service (SaaS), cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency have larger content budgets. As a result, they pay higher rates than lifestyle websites focused on fashion, pets, parenting, and consumer-facing health and wellness.

2. Niche

Again, some niches pay more than others. Long-form content like case studies and ebooks pay better, although they may take longer to complete. Technical writing, business plans, grant proposals, and press release writing also pay big bucks — though some writers may find them boring.

3. Years of experience

This is the case for freelance personal finance writer, Rebecca Lake, who reports earning about $300/hr. Lake has been writing full-time since 2014. She earns between $300-$1500 per writing project but likes to keep track of her hourly rate for her records.

.07 per word (about $105 per 1500 word article). Although she lives in the US, she writes for lifestyle sites, which are typically low-paying compared to other industries.

How much do freelance writers charge per hour?

From our research, freelance writers rarely charge by the hour. However, several individuals and organizations have done surveys to determine the average figure. Here are a couple of results worth noting:

how much do freelance writers make - Payoneer survey screenshot

Many copywriters offer day rates — in which clients pay to hire them for an entire day. Usually, copywriters charge 8 times their hourly rates to arrive at their day rate. Day rates can range from $200 – $600 (or more). UK freelance copywriter Laura Jane Johnson charges a day rate of £395.

5 freelance writer income reports worth reading

Want more information about how much freelance writers make? Hear it in the words of five freelance writers in different niches, some more experienced than others. If you’ve wondered what a freelance writer’s salary looks like, here you go.

1. Kat Boogaard: 2020 annual income review

how much do freelance writers make - kat boogaard freelance income report

US freelance writer Kat Boogaard has been writing freelance for over seven years. She writes career and productivity content for SaaS brands like Trello and Quickbooks. Kat shares a peek into her annual income every year. In her 2020 report, she also shared that her average article project fee is $550. She earned a gross income of $127,000 working with 23 different clients.

2. Paul Maplesden: 2020 freelance writer income report

Paul Maplesden is another US freelance writer, who’s been in the business since 2015. He specializes in B2B content writing and marketing for the business, technology, and finance niches. His work ranges from content for supply chain/logistics, SaaS, accounting, business formation, to technology reviews/guides.

3. Jessica Pereira: October 2021 freelance writing income report

how much do freelance writers make -Jessica Pereira freelance income report

Jessica Pereira started freelancing in 2020 and has been working to hit a monthly goal of $10K. She writes for digital marketing and B2B SaaS brands. Pereira keeps readers in the loop by sharing monthly income reports breaking down her earnings and expenses. New freelancers enjoy learning from Pereira’s experience and seeing the ebbs and flows of a freelance income.

4. Lindy West: December 2020 income report

how much do freelance writers make - Lindy West freelance income report

Lindy West is an Australian travel writer who pitches and writes content for magazines and newspapers. She writes for some corporate clients as well. West has been sharing her monthly income report for years — and inspiring other freelance writers along the way.

5. Zuli Rane: Full-time freelance income report

how much do freelance writers make - Zuli Rane: Full-time freelance income report

Zuli Rane is a freelance content creator who writes for clients and also for her Medium account. Her income reports show how she makes a living as a freelance writer with additional income streams. In her last monthly report, Zuli says she made more than $6000. Her example is great for writers looking to diversify their income streams.

Diversify Your Income

1. Ghostwriter

2. Copywriter

3. Finance Writer

4. Magazine Writer

5. Author

If you want to become a professional writer and write books or a short story writing fiction for a living, you can expect to make a decent livable income. According to Zip Recruiter, writer authors make around $62,000 per year with their books.

6. Technical Writer


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