Obviously, this blog is about museums. But let us tell you what exactly we`re going to write about.

Here, in this blog, you will be able to have a look at the history of museums from the very moment when the first museum appeared to modern galleries and museums which employ the most cutting-edge approaches to presenting their collections.

You will also find a lot of lists here but don`t be afraid. These will help you find a museum you`ll really enjoy. We`ll describe best of the best we`ve seen or heard of so far. Some of the posts will be dedicated to particular museums and exhibitions they`re famous for.

We all at least once in a lifetime found ourselves wondering what the meaning of Black Square by Malevich was. So, another goal of this blog is to help you learn how to understand and appreciate what you see in the museum.

The blog is created by museum enthusiasts and people who want to popularise museum culture and encourage others to pay more attention to this way of learning. We are open to new ideas and your suggestions on how to make this blog better. Don`t hesitate to contact us and share your thoughts. Welcome to our club of museum geeks and enjoy!