Interesting facts

The word museum is derived from the Greek word “mouseion” which means a seat for Muses. So, museums are a perfect place to look for inspiration!

The first museum open to public was the Ashmolean Museum named after the antiquarian Elias Ashmole from England.

Art and monuments are supposed to be protected during times of war according to the Hague Convention signed in May 1954.

There are more museums in the US than there are Starbucks and McDonalds combined.

A Croatian museum called “Froggyland” presents a collection of 500 stuffed frogs in human positions. Worth googling but even more worth visiting!

In 2015 the Smithsonian Museum displayed Wonder Woman`s invisible jet for one day. In order to make enough room for the jet the museum employees had to relocate two another exhibits.

There is a museum dedicated to rocks which looks like faces in Japan. There more than 1700 displayed.

State Hermitage Museum employs cats to deal with rodents. They have become so popular that museum employees decided to celebrate a Hermitage Cat Day.