There are more than 50 000 museums in the world. They collect, preserve and present various objects of cultural or historic importance. So, you can only imagine how many different exhibits there are. Probably, there isn`t a person who visited all of them. But it is worth starting with the biggest ones.


  1. Musee de Louvre (Paris)
  2. The British Museum (London)
  3. Smithsonian Institution (Washington)
  4. Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)
  5. Galleria Borghese (Rome)
  6. Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam)
  7. Musee d`Orsay (Paris)
  8. Museo Nacional Del Prado in Madrid
  9. State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg)
  10. Louvre Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi)