We all (at least, most of us) remember how we visited a museum for the first time. Probably, you were a kid, it was a boring regional natural history museum, and back then you didn`t really understand why you had to stare at all those exhibits and what was all the fuss about. Trust us, your experience is no special. Fortunately for everyone, museums can be different. They can be fascinating. They can be unexpecting. They can be even frightening. And we are determined to introduce you to the most interesting museums in the world.

First, what you should know about museums. There is a wide range of museum types. They can be dedicated to history, architecture, motorcycles, hair or maple syrup. Because why not? Museums can represent every single aspect of our life. Second, museums are not for educated or posh people only. Museums are for everyone, and their primary goal is to educate. Besides, museum professionals do their best to make museum projects and activities more accessible for people from all walks of life. Third, don`t be ashamed to ask questions if you don`t understand something about the exhibits you see. Museum employees will gladly explain it to you. They can also share some information which is not widely known.

And last but not least, museums are a perfect possibility to learn something new. Why not embrace it?